Android 4.2 Tested on More Devices, Xperia arc S Included

Chances are that rumors on multiple Nexus phones this year will pan out

Although it has released the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS version only a few days ago, Google is still working on a new, major upgrade for its platform, recent reports on the matter suggest.

The new operating system flavor is expected to become available before the end of this year, and might be dubbed Android 4.2, though it’s still uncertain whether it will also sport a different codename.

While some of the available reports on it suggest that it could arrive as Key Lime Pie, others claim that it might continue to use the Jelly Bean name as Android 4.1.

One thing that is certain, however, is the fact that this platform version does exist, and that Google and its manufacturing partners are already testing it out in the field.

Server logs coming from more news sites such as Engadget unveil that Android 4.2-based devices have been used to access them, a clear indicator of a nearing official launch.

Among the handsets that are being tested, there is also a Sony T18i handset, along with Motorola’s previously rumored Occam smartphone, and the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung.

This is the first time we heard of Sony testing the new platform version on its smartphones, which could be an indicator of the fact that this vendor too might be readying new handsets for launch this fall, with Android 4.2 loaded on them.

Previously, Sony has been rumored to be one of the makers that Google picked up for the launch of a new series of Nexus devices, and things appear to be falling in place now.

Android Authority also spotted several Android 4.2 devices accessing its website, including Sony’s Xperia arc S, which comes as further proof of the handset vendor’s current whereabouts.

However, with no official announcement on the new platform iteration made so far, all these remain in the rumor side for a while longer. Hopefully, we’ll indeed be able to learn more on the matter before the end of this month.

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