Android 4.2-Based Motorola Occam and Manta Emerge in Benchmarks

Both devices scored above 8,000, might become official in November

Late last week, we had the chance to learn a few more details on Google’s plans for the upcoming Android 4.2 platform version, including the fact that it is currently tested on two new devices coming from Motorola.

Codenamed Occam and Manta, these are expected to be unveiled to the world as a smartphone and a tablet PC, respectively, yet no further info on what they would pack inside has emerged so far.

However, it appears that someone is already interested in learning how well the forthcoming devices would fare compared to other devices out there, and that benchmarks have already ran on these two.

Occam, which might prove to be a new version of RAZR, is listed on the AnTuTu benchmark with a total score of 9817.

The handset appears to have been tested with a 1512 MHz processor inside, though no info on the total number of cores inside it has been provided.

According to rumors, this might actually be a quad-core CPU, which helped it achieve the score. With a CPU Integer rating of 3670, the phone is also suggested to be using the same S4 processor from Qualcomm that DROID RAZR M currently sports.

One way or the other, the one thing that seems to be certain is the fact that Occam will deliver appealing performance levels, especially since it is running under Android 4.2 (apparently much faster than Android 4.1).

As for the Manta tablet PC, it was seen with an overall score of 8077 in the AnTuTu Benchmark database, and is said to be packing a 1.7GHz processor inside.

For the time being, however, nothing has been confirmed on the existence of these two devices, although all points to a near launch of both of them.

According to some of the latest rumors on the matter, Google might be set to announce the new Android 4.2 platform release before the end of this month, while aiming at bringing devices to shelves sometime in November.

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