Android 4.0.3 Update for HTC Sensation and Sensation XE at Vodafone Australia

The wireless carrier notes that this is only a minor bug-fixing update

Starting with December 4, owners of an HTC Sensation or HTC Sensation XE smartphone on the network of wireless carrier Vodafone in Australia have started to receive a new software update.

According to the wireless carrier, this firmware was pushed out as a maintenance update, so as to ensure that devices work properly.

“From 5:00PM on 4 December 2012, HTC rolled out a small maintenance release for the Sensation XE. As this is a small bug-fixing update, you won’t notice any change in your day-to-day use,” the mobile phone carrier announced.

The new software release will be delivered to devices over the air, which means that users will receive a notification on their devices as soon as it is available for download.

Although there are only minor bug fixes packed inside the new update, Vodafone still recommends users to fully charge their devices before kicking off the upgrade.

Furthermore, users are advised to perform a full backup of the device before the update, so as to make sure that nothing important is lost.

Owners of the aforementioned devices will be able to update their phones using HTC’s Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) platform, either over a Wi-Fi connection, or via wireless carrier’s 3G network.

“The update is available free of charge, and should you choose to download it over 3G, using the Vodafone Live! APN (, you will not be charged for the data usage,” the carrier notes.

“If you update your device while on any roaming network, or you use a non-Vodafone AU SIM card, you will be charged at your applicable data rate.”

Users can also perform manual checks to see whether the update was made available for them or not, through going to Settings > About Phone > Software Updates > Check Now.

Users interested in learning more on the upgrade process should head over to this page for HTX Sensation, or to this page, if they own an HTC Sensation XE.

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