Android 2.3.4 Brings 3D Sweep Panorama to Xperia Phones

Users can take advantage of other great camera enhancements too

Xperia handsets that have been launched during the ongoing year are currently receiving a software update from Sony Ericsson, namely the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread OS flavor, which is providing them with great new enhancements, including some that will improve the camera on these devices.

One of the features that the new software update brings to the camera on these Xperia smartphones is the first 3D Sweep panorama functionality, which is being powered by Sony in Smartphones.

What the new feature is all about includes the ability to take panoramic pictures in 3D (and 2D) with your Xperia handsets by selecting the feature.

One will simply have to move the phone from left to right in a sweeping mode, so that it will take pictures automatically. When put together, they will form great panoramic pictures.

“The way the 3D Panorama Sweep works is that the phone camera uses the sweep motion to take a great amount of pictures in a row, then puts them them together and calculates two single pictures, that actually show the same scenery, but from two slightly different angles,” Sony Ericsson's Cristina Porter explains in a blog post.

“The pictures are combined into one .mpo file (Multi Picture Object), that can be interpreted by 3D capable devices, such as your 3D HD screen, by connecting your phone via HDMI.

“Although, we can´t show you the real 3D experience thought the sample pictures we are posting, it is an amazing thing to see your pictures really come to live through your 3D screen.”

One thing that should be noted here is that the 3D Sweep panorama function is not being made available for the Xperia PLAY smartphone, although all other Xperia devices launched during the ongoing year enjoy access to it.

However, Xperia PLAY users do get a camera enhancement with the new software update, in the form of HD video recording.

“Also, all the Xperia phones will get an enhancement on the zoom capabilities of the camera for video recording, with a 16x video zoom,” the said blog post concludes.

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