Android 2.2 Updated for HTC Touch Pro – Port Works Better

Unofficial ROM has been improved

Thanks to the guys over XDAndroid, HTC users have been able to port the latest Android 2.2 (Froyo) on some of the Taiwanese smartphones running Windows Mobile or older Android operating systems. HTC Touch Pro is one of these devices, which recently received an update to its ported Android 2.2, that improves the performance and adds a number of new features that were not working in the initial release of the ROM.

Besides the many fixes it brings, the new v1.7.10 moves the update to the beta stage. Below are both change logs from Alpha and Beta 1.7.10 version.


WiFi – “loads” but can’t scan for networks; Bluetooth – interface hangs in configuration (need to fix init.rc) ; Power management – Something wakes the phone up immediately, have to look into it; SD Card – I have to find a working config for Android to recognize this; bzo: anything to do with GPS will cause a crash; Accelerometer works; Keyboard works; Some G-Apps work; Brightness control works; Scepterr: net location works, NetworkLocation.apk needs to be signed with platform-key; Adding linpack and Quadrant benchmark programs for testing ( only built in for now. will be removed in future and more stable packs ); Sound works in apps; 3D works; So far no boot loop; So far wifi scans now and is trying to get ip-address. Now looking into DCHP; Speakerphone works; Headset works.


JIT enabled; SDcard fixed; adding charmonix ledeffects; removing launcher2; adding launcherpro as default launcher; Added lugiber boot-animation; removing some unnecessary apps. will update to let you know what i remove.; removed setupwizard / default provision; Sound is now working ( stinebd ); Updated apns.xml; GRPS connections should be more stable now; Removed default music app and replace with cacheinjection Music Mod; Added Flash10.1 – not working; Adding OI filemanager; XDA-application.

For those owning an account, the changes made available by XDA forum member babijoee can now be downloaded, transferred, and ran from Touch Pro device. Let's hope that XDAndroid community will continue to work on these compatibility issues, as well as on the number of HTC devices that can run the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. Thumbs up for all those working on improving linux kernel for MSM (Mobile Station Modem) devices.

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