Android 2.1 for O2's Dell Streak Brings More Issues than Fixes, Users Say

Wireless carrier O2 UK started last week the delivery of a new software update for one of the nicest devices on its airwaves, the Dell Streak, a 5-inch Android-based tablet, bringing the OS on this device from 1.6 to up to 2.1.

While the carrier touted this solution as being meant to enhance the experience of any user, it seems that the update actually caused more issues than resolved, at least this is what Dell Streak owners stated.

A new thread on the O2 forums is meant to bring to the table problems that the said Android 2.1 software update causes, and it seems that there are quite a few of them.

We already reported on O2 coming out with the software update for its Dell Streak users and, from what we can read in the comments for that article, things are going for the worst.

“The update is not good with many of the features lost such as the forward facing camera option. I am not able to sync contacts with facebook now either. Would like O2 to offer the option to revert back to 1.6 until all bugs are fixed,” one Softpedia reader notes.

Other users report issues as well: “Not great news for me so far.... what appeared a simple install has left my phone stuck on the Dell boot screen...,” or “On a Dell Streak purchased on O2 contract on Thursday, I downloaded the 2.1 update onto the unit, told it to "Upgrade Now" and the unit just froze.”

It seems that many others have experienced various issues with the new Android 2.1 update too, as the said forum thread shows.

Among these problems, we can count:

- bricked devices due to uncompleted update process

- voice commands not working, including Google voice search, Voice Dialler

- no back and forward buttons on browser

- no playing of .wmv files

- PC Suit does not work

- contacts, messages, favorite applications, and settings were wiped out

- the camera does not work properly

And the list goes on, for many users found some issues that others did not find.

All in all, it seems that, from a Dell Strike owner's perspective, the Android 2.1 software update O2 rolled-out was more of an issue than of a problem fixer.

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