Andrew Garfield Belly Dances for Ellen and Charity – Video

Star dishes details on second “Amazing Spider-Man,” his girlfriend Emma Stone

Ever since I first saw him in the superb “Never Let Me Go,” Andrew Garfield has occupied a very special place in my heart. Here he is on The Ellen DeGeneres show, promoting “Spider-Man” and shaking his tailfeather for charity.

Clearly, he’s an excellent actor and a good sport as well. Handsome, too.

Garfield literally got his big Hollywood break with “The Amazing Spider-Man,” also starring his real-life current girlfriend Emma Stone.

As he explains in the video above, right before doing several dances for charity, they’re supposed to get back on set for the sequel in February – the film is now in pre-production.

The second video embedded in this blog post, Andrew talks about his Spidey co-star, how they’re living together and doing just fine and, last but not least, about Emma too. Adorable.


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