Anderson Cooper and Grumpy Cat Meet for the First Time – Video

Predictably, Grumpy Cat is not impressed even though Cooper brings presents

Grumpy Cat (real name, Tardar Sauce, no joke) is still pretty huge online and, by the looks of things, she’s just getting started. The other day, Grumpy stopped by Anderson Cooper’s show for an appearance.

Yes, you guessed it, she was not impressed.

Check it out in the video above.

Since she shot to international fame on Reddit, Grumpy has seen business flourish like never before: she has a new endorsement deal and she’s even been at the SXSW festival as a guest of honor.

As of late, Grumpy has been hitting the talk show circuit, making an appearance on Good Morning America and, more recently, on Cooper’s show.

Anderson (who simply could not resist kissing Grumpy on the head) also offered her presents, but she remained equally unimpressed. Her owners, though, were thrilled.

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