Anderson Cooper Tries to Be James Bond, Fails – Video

CNN correspondent tries his hand at being 007 for a day, says it’s no easy job

You would think that, with his impressive resume, there’s little that Anderson Cooper sets his mind to and doesn’t achieve. Sadly, that does not include being a believable James Bond, as the video below will confirm.

Cooper hosted the CBS 60 Minutes special on James Bond, on the occasion of the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Producers thought it would be a fun idea for him to actually try to be the swift and deadly 007 agent for a day, especially since he’d grown up looking up to the guy and wanting to be just like him one day – as also did millions of other boys from all over the world.

In theory, the idea might seem great but, as Cooper found out, it’s harder to pull off in real life.

For one, he can’t drive stick and he can’t shoot a gun, two prerequisites to being a good Bond.

“In my mind I looked like James Bond and I felt like James Bond,” Cooper says of his experience with one of James Bond’s guns. “But I looked like this skinny, pale, gray-haired middle-aged guy.”

The experience was clearly neat but, Cooper says, his “performance” was below any expectation he might have had, no matter how low. Or, as he puts it, “wah-wah-wah.”

Check it out.

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