And the Most Popular Windows 8 Device Is: Microsoft’s Own Surface

Surface RT is still the most frequently used Windows 8 device on the market

A report released by AdDuplex reveals that Microsoft’s very own Surface RT remains the most frequently used Windows 8 device right now, although it has lost some ground as compared to last month’s figures.

Microsoft Surface with Windows RT currently holds a market share of 6 percent of the entire Windows 8 world, while competitors such as HP’s products are gaining ground pretty fast.

HP 2000 has a 3 percent market share, while HP Pavilion g6 has increased to 2 percent. But while this could be very good news for Microsoft, the Surface RT has actually lost 5 points since November and the decline is very likely to continue in the next months.

“Surface is still the most popular device, but its lead is not as stunning as it was last month – down 5% to 6% overall this month. It’s followed by 3 inexpensive notebook models from HP. Surface’s direct competitor – ASUS VivoTab RT is at #8 with 1%,” AdDuplex said.

“Overall we’ve registered more than 5,500 different Window 8/RT devices (up from a little over 3,000 last month).”

Data published by Net Applications for the week of December 2 revealed that Windows 8 is still increasing its market share at a slow pace, while devices using Windows RT remain a fairly unpopular alternative.

As for sales of the Surface RT, Microsoft is yet to disclose some official stats, but analysts are pointing out that Surface is off to a slow start, just like the new Windows 8 operating system.

It appears that Microsoft has already sketched a new strategy to boost Surface RT sales by selling the device at third-party stores in several countries across the world. An announcement on this decision is expected sometime this week, while sales are very likely to debut before Christmas.

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