Ancient Women Were Kin of Jewelry Too, 1550 BC Skull Reveals

The skeleton of a Bronze Age woman wearing an exquisite headband has been unearthed

A Middle Bronze Age female skull recently discovered in eastern Germany shows ancient women were as fond of jewelry as modern women are, maybe even a little more.

Yesterday the skeleton joined the State Museum of Prehistory in Halle, Germany for a permanent exhibition, according to Daily Mail.

The woman, whose remains were dated between 1550 and 1250 BC, was wearing a head jewel consisting of several exquisitely composed bronze spirals.

Even if the material is not exactly an expensive one, the complex composition of the object reveals the prehistoric people's great interest for embellishing objects, especially that the artifact represented a fairly common accessory among prehistoric women, researchers say.

Historical sources show that the technological evolution of the Bronze Age along with the first use of valuable metals such as gold and silver determined a real boost of the jewelry production in the era.

Doesn't the Bronze Age sound a little more enticing now?

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