Analyze That: Only 8% of Gamers Can Be Considered Addicted

Says new study

A new study related to videogames and addiction is out and the results are rather interesting for the average gamer. The study, which was conducted by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Congress, shows that one in 12 gamers or about 8% of those who play videogames are showing signs of addiction. Interestingly, the study acknowledges that videogame addiction does not exists per se but that it is an expression of deeper issues with some of the persons involved in the study.

Vladan Starcevic, who is an associate producer on the study, stated that “Their whole lives revolve around this activity and there certainly seems to be a problem there - there is an addiction. And it seems to us that these people seem to ... have other mental health issues, and it seems excessive video game playing is a manifestation of these underlying problems.”

Those with gaming addictions were said to be socially isolated, had a big risk of being depressed and had a bigger chance of engaging into compulsive behavior. Apparently, they play a lot more than other gamers and prefer MMOs.

The bad news is that the above description could replace “basement dweller” as the stereotypical description of the average gamer. The good news is that 92% of those playing videogames are considered to be normal.

Another recent study, which was conducted at the Iowa State University by Professor Douglas Gentile, financed by the Institute on Media and the Family, put the number of gamers that were addicted at 8.5%.

After the release of the study, a number of sources, like ABC News and Doctor Cheryl Olson from Harvard, questioned it because of the fact that the participants were not selected at random but rather through an online panel that promised material rewards to those who took part in the study, creating an issue with the credibility of the results.

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