Analyst: No Third Party Success on the Nintendo Wii U

The biggest hits on the device will all come from Nintendo

Michael Pachter, who is an analyst watching the video game industry for Wedbush Morgan, believes that third-party developers and publishers will have a hard time creating games that use the unique features of the upcoming Wii U and will fail to deliver hits on the platform.

The analyst stated, “I’m afraid we’re going to have a repeat of the Wii cycle from the publishers’ perspective and the developers’ perspective, where very few people will support it.”

He added, “Then if it’s successful they’ll come in, and they’ll fail. When they fail, they’ll go away again. The reason I think they’ll fail is, I can’t think of a third-party publisher that did well on the DS. I mean, Scribblenauts, so there are a handful games and you can count them. Nobody did very well on the DS, and I don’t think anybody’s going to do very well on the Wii U.”

Pachter believes that the second screen of the console, which is situated on the GamePad controller and is touch screen enabled, will be hard to use in an effective manner.

Nintendo has made the enhanced controller one of the main attractions of the Wii U, saying that it will open up new options for gamers.

The analyst’s statements come just one day after he talked about the way the video game industry would continue to decline in the coming months, until Sony and Microsoft decided to announce and then launch the Xbox 720 and the PlayStation 4.

Pachter believes that the new Sony device will be on sale during the autumn of next year while Microsoft will wait until March 2014 to launch its own next-generation home console.

The Wii U will be offered in North America on November 18 and European players will get access to the device on November 30 with those planning to buy it in Japan having to wait until December 8.

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