Analyst: Negative Comments Will Not Impact Wii U Sales

5 million of them will be delivered before the end of the current fiscal year

Michael Pachter, an analyst watching the video game industry for Wedbsuh Morgan, says that the negative comments that the Wii U home console has received from insiders and from the gaming press will not make a dent in the actual sales number of the new Nintendo device.

VG247 is quoting Pachter as saying, “Negativity overall will never go away so I expect the negativity to continue through the holidays. I don’t think this has much impact on the launch and continue to expect launch quantities to be sold out, and reorders to remain sold out through March.”

When it comes to hard sales numbers, the analyst adds, “The company probably will ship 3 million by Christmas, and all will be sold out.”

The first major launch market for the Wii U was the United States, where the platform has now been available for close to one full week.

On launch day, many players complained about issues with the home console, most of them linked to the big firmware update that took very long to download and could break some devices.

Video services were also missing and some players had trouble connecting the GamePad controller to the console.

Since then, Nintendo has launched updates and fixes in order to fix most of the issues reported by the community and ensure that the entire player base has a good experience with the Wii U.

On November 30, European gamers will also get access to the new NIntendo device and those who are looking to buying it in Japan will have to wait until December 8.

Internal projections from Nintendo show that the device will see 3.5 million units in all territories before the end of the year and the company wants to continue launching high profile games to increase its profile until March 31, 2013.

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