Analyst: Content and Connectivity Will Drive PlayStation 4 Success

Sony needs to show the innovations of its future tech

Jesse Divnich, an analyst working for EEDAR, believes that Sony has made a step in the right direction with the reveal of the PlayStation 4 home console and that strong content and innovative connectivity options will be the key to the platform’s long-term success.

He tells VG247 that, “Judging by today’s presentation, Sony is putting a strong focus on game content and connectivity, which is the lifeblood of any platform, and we are ecstatic that an entirely new generation of content is right around the corner.”

The analyst believes that the PlayStation 4 announcement will have a big impact on the gaming industry because, so far, both 2012 and 2013 have been marked by news about a slow decline that seems impossible to stop.

If Sony can deliver on its promises, then many gamers will see the company as the source of future innovation and will be more inclined to buy the PlayStation 4 on launch, along with the titles that accompany it.

Jesse Divnich adds, “Sony’s announcement now gives publishers plenty of time to prepare for E3 and it shifts the focus of the show to the software, which ultimately is what gamers look forward to the most.”

As the 2012 launch of the new Nintendo-made Wii U has shown, a new piece of hardware can only be a success as long as it has strong video games, from both first and third-party sources, to support it.

At the PlayStation 4 reveal event, the biggest news from Sony was that it was creating a new Killzone for the platform and that it was working on a new Infamous title.

Activision also revealed that Diablo III was moved to the PS4 by Blizzard, while the newly shown Destiny from Bungie would have exclusive content for the new Sony console when launched.

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