An Insider Will Replace Intel's CEO in May 2013

If nothing else, the choices have been narrowed down

Last month, Intel announced that its CEO, Paul Otellini, would retire from duty in May 2013, for an unspecified reason which may or may not be the poor performance of the company on the mobile market.

At that time, it was unclear who would pick up the mantle of leadership when the time came.

At present, the issue is still ambiguous, but Intel did manage to narrow down the choices.

Basically, Intel's leading body has reached the conclusion that someone already working for it will have to do the job.

According to Otellini himself, a list has already been compiled.

The candidates haven't been revealed though, and they probably never will be. Chipzilla will likely decide who the next CEO will be and just reveal him or her, when the time comes.

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