Amy Winehouse Cancels Tour Dates after Belgrade

Over the weekend, Amy Winehouse was supposed to kick off a comeback tour through Europe, one that would have put an end to talk of her career being dead in the water because of substance and alcohol abuse. Instead, the first date in Belgrade did just the opposite of that.

The British singer, fresh off another stint in rehab, took to the stage in Belgrade in a state of clear intoxication, PopEater reports.

Though it’s been widely said that she was drunk, word in the blogosphere has it that she may actually have been high on drugs, given her erratic behavior and the fact that she kept rubbing her nose each time she came back from backstage.

After arriving later than the hour she was supposed to start performing, Winehouse made a complete fool of herself, with the local media describing her show the “worst concert ever” to take place in the country.

As the videos below can also confirm, Amy was definitely not at the top of her game: she slurred her words, fell down a couple of times, mumbled the lyrics and made it clear that she would rather she was anywhere else than there.

After singing the words to her most famous songs for her, the fans soon got tired of her antics – and waiting for her to do what they had paid to see, namely perform – and they began booing loudly.

“A backup singer took over lead vocals on songs she was struggling with, and boos from the Belgrade audience were widely reported,” PopEater notes.

“At one point, the BBC says Winehouse threw her mic to the floor, when she wasn’t mumbling lyrics. On video[s], she’s seen resting on equipment and wandering the large stage,” the e-zine says.

Following the disastrous first date, Winehouse’s camp canceled the upcoming two shows, in Istanbul (June 20) and Athens (June 22), with her rep saying she realized “she cannot perform to the best of her ability.”

Amy Winehouse – “Just Friends”

Amy Winehouse – “Back to Black”

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