Ammo Flash Drive from Strontium Is Plated with 24 Karat Gold

A storage device for the rich that want to feel and look that way all the time

Strontium really is sparing no expense lately. While one of the new flash drives leaving its labs has an acceptably shiny silver finish, the other one is actually clad in 24 karat gold.

Called Ammo USB Flash Drive, both products have USB 2.0 connectors and shiny metallic cases.

The silver-plated unit sells in 4 GB to 64 GB capacities, while the gold-plated drive comes in 16 GB to 64 GB.

As one might expect, the gold adds a lot to the price. While the silver-finish Ammo units range from $4.5 to $38 (3.32-4.5 Euro to 28.05-38 Euro), the bright yellow ones go from $14 to $46 (10.34-14 Euro to 33.96-46 Euro).

Strontium figures that the shape and color of the newcomers will turn them into appropriate supplements to Windows PC and Apple devices.

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