Amish Farmer Accused of Abusing 52 Dogs

The man said he had no idea he was breaking the law by making the animals live in filth

Only recently, police officers and SPCA members in Ohio confiscated as many as 52 dogs that were forced to live in deplorable conditions at a farm owned by an Amish man.

The animals lacked proper shelter and some of them were even forced to live in their own filth, sources say. Moreover, several dogs displayed serious injuries, which looked like they had been left untreated for quite a while.

When faced with the animal cruelty charges filed against him, farm owner Jonas Beachy argued that he had no idea that he was breaking the law.

Apparently, he did not have a TV and therefore he lacked information concerning the legal consequences of his not properly looking after these dogs.

“We don't have TV and we don't listen to the news. I was not aware that I was violating any laws whatsoever,” he told members of the press.

The dogs are now taken care of by trained personnel and veterinarians, yet some of them display injuries that might never heal.

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