Amiigo Wrist Bracelet Is a Sensor That Knows What You're Doing – Video

It can identify almost any exercise you're performing right off the bat

Wrist devices that monitor fitness aren't a new idea, but the bracelet sensor that Amiigo created might just be the most advanced yet.

Unlike other sensors that can track vitals, this one can determine what exercise routine you are doing.

It can identify over 100 different exercises actually, and can even allow for the information to be stored or shared, via companion iOS or Android apps.

Buyers can strap the bracelet to their wrist, hook it up to their phone and go for a jog or start whatever moves they want.

Amiigo even made it possible to update the database with custom exercises. Any personal routine will be detected that way.

The project can be found here. Amiigo has already accumulated more than enough funds to go through with its idea.

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