Amelia Earhart Might Have Survived as Castaway, New Photos Could Solve the Mystery

Recently discovered photos could shed new light on Amelia Earhart's demise

Several newly discovered photos are expected to help shed new light on Amelia Earhart's and her navigator's demise.

The photos have recently been found in an unlabeled tin box kept in the archive of the New Zealand Air Force Museum in Christchurch, and show aerial images of an atoll located fairly close to the place where Amelia Earhart's plane is believed to have crashed.

Some specialists say that, all things considered, it is possible that the aviator's plane did not plunge in the Pacific Ocean.

Thus, they suspect that the aircraft crash landed on a patch of land where Amelia and her navigator managed to survive for a while as castaways.

The newly discovered photos might constitute evidence that an uninhabited atoll in the southwestern Pacific, i.e. Nikumaroro, is the place where Amelia Earhart's died and where her remains can be found.

The atoll is located at a distance of some 350 miles (roughly 563 kilometers) from Howland Island.

These new aerial photos of it could indicate whether or not humans lived on it before official habitation began towards the end of December 1938.

This is because the images date back to December 1, 1938, meaning that whatever artifacts are pictured in them could constitute new evidence in support of the theory that Amelia Earhart and her navigator succeeded in making a safe landing and only died after having survived on this island for a while.

“For 25 years we have struggled to tease details from a handful of printed photos.”

“Now we have an amazing array of detailed aerial images of every part of the atoll taken before the first colonists, or even the New Zealand Survey party, set foot on the island,” Ric Gillespie, the current executive director of TIGHAR, told Discovery News, as cited by Daily Mail.

News about the discovery of these photos comes shortly after TIGHAR announced that they might have discovered the final resting place of Amelia Earhart's plane.

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