Amazon Prepares 8.9-inch Kindle Fire Tablet Say Suppliers

Larger 9.7- to 10.1-inch models should arrive later in 2012

Amazon's release of the 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet has been a huge success for the company, and sources in the industry now say that this will be followed by the introduction of yet another Fire tablet, this time sporting an 8.9-inch display.

According to DigiTimes, LG Display and CPT, both suppliers of the 7-inch LCD in the Kindle Fire, have apparently already begun to prepare production capacities for 8.9-inch displays for the upcoming Fire.

While the sources don't know when the 8.9-incher will arrive, the most probable launch date is the start of 2012, as Amazon certainly doesn't have enough time to launch these in time for the Christmas shopping rush.

But great things will definitely come to those who wait, as outside of the 8.9-inch model, it looks like Amazon is also interested in launching a 9.7 or 10.1-inch tablet.

How well will these new Kindle tablets fare against the competition it remains to be seen, but Amazon is definitely enthused by the success of the 7-inch Fire.

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