Offers Two New Pay Services for Small Businesses

Online solutions for merchants has just launched two new pay services for firms. Checkout, the first of the two, offers different features, such as the 1-click experience. Whenever people are searching for something to buy on an partner website, they are given the possibility of placing the order without leaving the page.

The fact that a product they are searching for is under license from gives shoppers a greater confidence in the safety of their transaction. In order not to make small companies feel as if they were the "servants" of, the pipeline of the new feature enables a double display of brands. Therefore, and the smaller businesses would appear on an equal footing, which redounds to the reputation of the former's partners.

Checkout will lift customers out of their rut, as they will be able to purchase products from third-party websites without filling in all the detail fields, which usually ask for the shipping destination and payment details. Furthermore, the fact that many users become familiar with the checkout tool offered by will possibly make them buy more. As it is already common knowledge, providing for customers in a familiar setting is always a plus for merchants.

Amazon Simple Pay, the second pay service, does not include a direct channel between purchasers and, and neither does it operate as a direct pay solution for products directly from the website of a particular business. Instead, it comes with another handy tool - it offers customers the ability to use their payment information from the account to shop for products on partner websites.

Speaking of which, the partners are not tied to Simple Pay as the only pay service. They can integrate the tool in their own system, which can lead to an efficient configuration of their own brand, strengthened by the public appreciation that enjoys. The Simple Pay tool can also be used for donations and as an agent between sellers and shoppers, in case the company that takes up the offer of is an ecommerce marketplace provider.

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