Amazon Lets You Rent e-Books on Kindle Now

So far, only textbooks seem to have been put up for this service

Normally, to read an e-book on the Kindle e-reader, you have to go to Amazon and buy the book, then download it.

This is straightforward enough, but not exactly the perfect option given that most books end up gathering dust on the memory card of the reader, or being deleted after being finished.

To let people save more money, Amazon has quietly initiated the book rental service, which lets Kindle owners rent a book for a month.

The company isn't making it easy for hopefuls though. You'll have to find the book through normal means (there is no special “Rent” section anywhere) and the few titles that are up for this are mostly textbooks.

Still, paying $5.50 (4.13-5.50 Euro) instead of the full price of $9.99 (7.43-9.99 Euro) might appeal to some, since people seldom re-read anything other than their favorite books.

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