Amazon Launches Its First Game for Mobile Devices – “Air Patriots”

The game is available for multiple platforms, including Android and iOS

The mobile games market has been hyper-active in the last few years. Everyday hundreds of games for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Java, Symbian or Blackberry platforms are being launched on the market making it difficult for consumers to keep track on what’s coming out.

Today, Amazon made its first move on this huge mobile games market. The company has just announced its first-ever game for mobile devices, Air Patriots.

The game is now available for multiple platforms and devices, including Kindle Fire, Android, iPhone, and iPad. The good news is that Air Patriots is available as a free download to all customers.

The newly launched Air Patriots title is an innovative tower defense game that brings unique aspects to the genre. Its original gameplay requires strategic positioning of an entire flotilla of planes in order to push back an enemy tank invasion.

“When we created Air Patriots we wanted to make a game that was easy and engaging, and the simplicity of drawing paths for planes was something we thought would appeal to players,” said Ernie Ramirez, executive producer at Amazon Game Studios.

The game offers players the opportunity to take control of a squadron of military planes by using their finger to draw the paths the planes will follow in order to engage the enemy.

The game is unique in the fact that players can adjust their strategy on the fly by simply drawing new flight paths for their planes in order to reposition firepower to where it is needed most.

The game supports Whispersync for games, which means all progress will be saved in the cloud whether it's played on the Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD.

The game is now available for download for free on Amazon Appstore, Google Play and Apple's App Store. Check it out here.

“We think customers will find Air Patriots both familiar and fresh, with a degree of challenge that keeps them engaged and enthused to play more. We are very excited to bring Amazon customers Air Patriots today, and Amazon Game Studios looks forward to bringing our fans even more great games in the future,” added Ramirez.

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