Amazon Kindle and Paperwhite E-Readers Arrive in Canada

The e-paper gadgets are selling to the North of the Niagara

It took a while, but Amazon finally got around to launching its two popular e-book readers to the north of the United States. Canadians don't have to wait any longer for them.

Both the Kindle and the Kindle Paperwhite are now shipping in the country, for $89 and $199 Canadian dollars, respectively.

The price is oddly on the high side, knowing that Amazon ships the same devices in the US for $69 and $119, in the same order, albeit with special offers.

Then again, even without the special offers, Kindle is priced at $89 and Paperwhite sells for $139.

That means that the latter, at least, is a bit overpriced in Canada, since US and Canadian dollars are more or less equal in value at the moment.

At any rate, hopefuls can get the devices from and other retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart, Staples and the Source.

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