Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3 Might Come with E-Ink Mobius Flexible Screen

So far, the technology only appears in the Sony 13.3-inch eReader

A new rumor has been added to those already circulating in recent months related to the technical characteristics of the future Kindle Paperwhite 3. The new info indicates we’re going to see the adoption of the new E-Ink Mobius, a technology developed in collaboration with Sony that allows the incorporation of a flexible, durable and very thin panel.

In contrast to tablets and smartphones, eReaders are updated less frequently, so the number of devices in this category is relatively small and their pricing appears to remain stable over several years.

However, back in November we brought you news saying Amazon was planning a refresh for its Kindle Paperwhite devices. A prototype called “Ice Wine” had been spotted in the wild a few months back, detailing an eReader boasting a screen with 300 ppi, which is superior to the Kobo Aura HD (264 ppi) and Kindle (212 ppi).

Amazon will probably borrow design cues from its latest Kindle Fire tablets, so the Paperwhite 3 might end up having a squarer, sharper look combined with a frameless display.

Anyway, going back to the present, the folks over at Good eReader were tipped off by one of their sources, the Kindle Paperwhite 3 will come boasting new display technology. Overall, the new eReader will be lighter than previous models and have a built-in flexible display.

So it appears the Kindle Paperwhite 3 will be using the Mobius technology which was developed in a joint-venture by Sony and Ink.

Mobius is essentially a flexible screen, made of plastic material which has an extra advantage, being flexible makes it much more impact resistant than a conventional screen.

Mobius takes advantage of TFT technology in order to allow the development of products that are lighter, but also a lot more rugged. Mobius displays are said to be weighting 50% less compared to a glass-based TFT display.

Amazon might be planing a refresh for its Paperwhite devices
Amazon might be planing a refresh for its Paperwhite devices

This feature is particularly relevant for products with a larger display area. So far, the only product we have spotted in the wild sporting a Mobius screen technology is the huge 13.3-inch Sony eReader.

Despite being an eReader with a massive display, the product is reportedly extremely light, but its super chunky price-tag will certainly keep most customers away from trying one out.

But Amazon is known for its super affordable eReaders, so Mobius display products could have a shot at becoming popular, through the retail giant.

Mobius ePaper technology will ensure Amazon builds a device capable of maintaining long battery life, high-resolution and a low weight. Bottom line, all of the benefits of the 13.3 Sony eReader will be transferred to the new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for a much cheaper price. So stay tuned!


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