Amazon Kindle Fire HD 4G Finally Allowed to Sell, Gets FCC Approval

Despite having been official for a month, sales haven't been allowed until now

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD, with its 1920 x 1200 resolution and 4G support, was formally launched last month (September 2012), after months of anticipation. That doesn't mean it has been selling though.

While the 7-inch Wi-Fi Edition has been shipping just fine, the 8.9-inch Wi-Fi Edition and 4G LTE versions won't ship until November.

Amazon has been accepting pre-orders for them, but hasn’t sold them right away because it lacked regulatory approval by the Federal Communications Commission.

Now that the FCC has determined that the devices use the right frequencies and comply with all its wireless communications rules, Amazon will start sending out e-mails asking for pre-order confirmation.

Normally, Amazon would have waited for the approval itself before even launching the $499 / 499 Euro devices, but was reasonably sure there would be no delay in the granting of said certification.

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