Amazon Kindle Fire Bests iPad, Gets No. 1 Spot on BestBuy

New top selling tablet on the website may or may not keep that position

Amazon's 7-inch Kindle Fire tablet is making the headlines yet again, this time for outselling none other than the Apple iPad, on one store at least.

Many people refused to believe the rumors, but they won't be able to keep denial up for long once they find out that the Kindle Fire tablet outsold the iPad.

While there is no evidence that the worldwide sales are at the point where the Kindle is threatening Apple's device, at least one store dubbed the Fire a best-selling tablet.

We don't mean Amazon itself, though it certainly holds the best-seller title there.

In this case, it is BestBuy that revised its rankings and reached the conclusion that the 7-inch, super-cheap tablet was the best-selling model.

No numbers were given, but it is clearly noted that sales exceeded those of the iPad, not that it was surprising, given the reports about 3-4 million shipments.

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