Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Tablet Set for Second Half of 2012

Successor to still unavailable tablet already being talked of

You'd think that, since it, basically, isn't selling yet, the Amazon Kindle Fire would have all the attention of tablet hopefuls, but this, apparently, isn't the case.

Instead, rumors are roaming the web that Amazon has already entered a deal with Foxconn for the making of the successor to this item.

That's right, it looks like Amazon is thinking ahead by about a year, or half of it at least, since the Kindle Fire 2 is supposedly going to show up in the second half of 2012.

That's still a long way off, of course, and the company will have to make sure its efforts aren't cut short by any unfortunate events, like overly hungry patent trolls.

Even though the first slate hasn't started shipping yet, a patent infringement lawsuit has already sprouted. Read and weep about it here.

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