Amazon Kindle Devices Finally Shipping in Europe

Papwerwhite, Fire and Fire HD will get the Lovefilm video service

Amazon's European stores added the new Kindle devices to their product lists a while ago, but shipments have only now begun.

The Kindle Fire and Fire HD tablets, as well as the Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader, will be mostly identical to their American counterparts, except in one area: on-demand video.

Since Amazon's own video services don't extend beyond the US, the company had to seal a deal with Lovefilm instead.

All buyers of the Fire tablets will get a free month, after which the service needs a periodic payment.

Kindle Fire (8 GB of storage) sells for £129/€159 ($159 in the US), the Kindle Fire HD is priced at £159/€199 ($199, 16 GB) or £199/€249 ($249, 32 GB) and the Paperwhite (no video of course, being an e-reader) can be bought for £109/129 Euro ($119) or £169/€189 ($179 with 3G).

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