Amazon Allegedly Started Producing a 10-Inch Version of the Kindle Fire

The tablet should make its entrance into the market in H1 2012

After releasing the 7-inch Kindle Fire, Amazon has now reportedly turned its attention to the development of a larger tablet using a 10-inch display with the first models already entering in production as they are scheduled for a 2012 release.

Just as previous rumors have suggested, Amazon has contracted Foxconn to build this new tablet, a retailer that is also known for producing Apple's original iPad and now the iPad 2.

The sources cited by Notebook Italia haven't provided any information regarding the configuration of this upcoming slate, but some previous rumors claimed that Amazon is considering using the Nvidia Kal-El SoC for the 10.1-incher.

This chip should be able to provide a noticeable increase in speed when compared with the dual-core 1GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor used for the current 7-inch Kindle Fire manufactured by Quanta Computer.

No matter the hardware configuration Amazon will select for the alleged 10.1-inch table, the outfit is expected to use the same highly customized operating system based on Android, which is also installed in the Kindle Fire.

In the UI used for the Kindle Fire tasks such as multitasking between the open applications were redesigned to make these processes easier for the consumer.

In addition, Amazon also developed a new Web browser which is called the Amazon Silk and has been optimized to decrease page loading times and provide a much smoother Internet surfing experience.

Users will also get access to the Android Appstore and Kindle books service, as well as to Amazon's Cloud Storage service, which are all features provided in the Kindle Fire.

The launch of the 10-inch Kindle Fire tablet is supposedly scheduled for the first half of 2012, but a more specific release date isn't available.

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