Amazing SparkleShare 1.0 Synchronization Software Launches

A collaboration tool that will immensely help software developers

SparkleShare, an Open Source (self-hosted) file synchronization and collaboration tool, available for multiple platforms, has made its debut.

SparkleShare 1.0 removes the need to have multiple tools in order to upload a project to multiple hosts, such as Git, for example.

The software creates a folder on the host computer in which the projects are kept. These projects are automatically synced to their respective hosts and to your team’s SparkleShare folders when someone adds, removes or edits a file.

[admark=1]SparkleShare makes use of the version control system Git, which means that people collaborating on projects can make use of existing infrastructure, and setting up a host yourself will be easy enough.

The developers have explained that even if the software has reached version 1.0, it doesn't mean that it's bug free. All reproducible and known major issues have been fixed, but it doesn't mean that problems can't appear, especially if a lot of people start using the software.

Here are some nifty features of SparkleShare 1.0:

• The SparkleShare folder assured people that their projects would be properly uploaded to their respective online services, as well as on the other computers sharing the same project. If you have finished the project, just delete its folder;

• The status icon provides quick access to all of the projects and shows users what’s going on regarding the synchronization process;

• A comprehensive setup dialog has been implemented and users can choose from multiple projects syncing to different hosts at the same time;

• A complete recent changes window shows exactly what changes have been implemented and who made the modifications;

• The history view allows users to see who has edited a particular file and even provide an option to restore deleted files or revert back to a previous version.

More details about this very interesting project can be found on the official website.

Download SparkleShare 1.0 right now from Softpedia.

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