Amazing Recovery: Pitbull Puppy Dragged by a Truck Is Feeling Better

The puppy was dragged for more than a mile, driver had no idea he was tied to the truck

A pitbull puppy named Trooper was recently dragged by a truck over a distance of more than a mile (roughly 1.6 kilometers).

Apparently, somebody tied Trooper's leash to the back of the car without the driver knowing anything about it.

When the truck drove off down a Missouri interstate, Trooper ended up going on an unexpected and extremely painful ride.

After he was rescued, there were few who believed that this pitbull actually had a chance of survival, seeing how its wounds were extensive and he had to be bandaged from head to paws.

Some of the injuries were so serious that one could actually see this puppy's bones.

Still, recent news from the Missouri Humane Society says that, “Trooper is eating and drinking normally and he is walking on his own several times a day,” Daily Mail reports.

Furthermore, “Although his right front leg was severely injured, we see some improvement that gives us hope we may be able to save it.”

Presently, the police is still looking for the people who tied Trooper to the back of the truck. The Missouri Humane Society is offering a $5,000 (€3.835) to those who help bring the culprits to justice.

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