Amazing Heaven Benchmark 4.0 Released for Linux

The developers from UNIGINE Corp. have implemented a few new major features

UNIGINE Corp. has announced that version 4.0 of its amazing Heaven Benchmark software is now available for download and purchase.

Heaven Benchmark 4.0 is a very intensive benchmark software that aims to test and stress GPUs. It can be used to determine the stability of a graphics processor and to check the cooling system's potential under maximum heat output.

The application also offers unbiased results and generates true in-game rendering workloads across all platforms – Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

According to its developers, the Heaven Benchmark will immerse the user into a magical steampunk world of shiny brass, wood and gears.

“Nested on flying islands, a tiny village with its cozy, sun-heated cobblestone streets, an elaborately crafted dirigible above the expanse of fluffy clouds, and a majestic dragon on the central square gives a true sense of adventure.

“An interactive experience with fly-by and walk-through modes allows for exploring all corners of this world powered by the cutting-edge UNIGINE Engine that leverages the most advanced capabilities of graphics APIs and turns this benchmark into a visual masterpiece,” states the official announcement.

Highlights of Heaven Benchmark 4.0:

• Extreme hardware stability testing is now available;

• Accurate results due to 100% GPU-bound benchmarking are provided;

• OpenGL 4.0 is available;

• Comprehensive use of hardware tessellation, with adjustable settings;

• Cinematic and interactive fly/walk-through camera modes have been implemented;

• Dynamic sky with volumetric clouds and tweakable day-night cycle;

• Real-time global illumination and screen-space ambient occlusion are available;

• Support for multi-monitor configurations and different stereo 3D modes;

• Benchmarking presets for convenient comparison of results have been implemented;

• GPU temperature and clock monitoring have been added;

• New, improved version of UNIGINE Engine under the hood.

The hardware requirements have been also been made available. For hardware tessellation, both a video card with OpenGL 4.0 support and Linux are required (ATI Radeon HD 4xxx and higher, NVIDIA GeForce 8xxx and higher, and Intel HD 3000).

Check out the official announcement for a complete list of new features.

Download Heaven Benchmark 4.0 right now from Softpedia.

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