Amanda Todd Appeared Naked Regularly on Blog TV, Was Banned a Few Times

The Daily Capper featured her in 2010, after apparently flashing audiences more than once

According to the Daily Dot, Amanda Todd had appeared regularly on Blog TV, which is where footage of her half naked was captured.

Blog TV is a live video chat site, with mostly teenage users. Amanda was 12 years old the first time she appeared on Blog TV, but, apparently, did so more than once.

She was banned from the site on several occasions for appearing almost naked during live video posts. The Daily Capper comments on footage from Blog TV, and posts a periodical update on who made headlines on the popular site.

Todd was blackmailed to perform more explicit acts, with a man holding screenshots of her and threatening to make them public. A two-year struggle followed for Amanda, as the man posted the pictures on Facebook when she refused to engage him.

Amanda endured bullying and beatings, until finally taking her own life on October 10. She had posted a heartwarming clip chronicling her experiences in September, titled My Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide and Self-harm.

Yesterday, hacker group Anonymous revealed the identity of Amanda Todd's tormentor. They found 32-year-old Kody Maxson of New Westminster, BC in Canada to be responsible for the young girl's ordeal.

This is not the first time that Blog TV users are blackmailed after revealing private parts. In February, a 14-year-old boy from Michigan went through the same ordeal, as a man made him dance around the room, remove his clothes and perform elicit acts under the threat of having his photographs exposed.

"It's simple if u do what ur told the vid will NEVER b seen by anyone but me if not it will be. [...] I'll add your name and email so if anyone googles u they will see ur video,” the man wrote.

When it got to be too much, he went to his brother, and, subsequently, to his parents. Police officers found that the blackmailer was 39-year-old Richard Leon Finkbiner from Brazil, Indiana. As they searched through his belongings and questioned him, Finkbiner confessed to 100 other counts of blackmail, all against children.

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