Amanda Knox Gives First Interview to ABC’s Diane Sawyer

Interview will air on the same day her tell-all “Waiting to Be Heard” comes out

For the first time since she was charged with murder and had the conviction overturned, Amanda Knox will be sitting down for a television interview that will hopefully bring answers to all the questions making the rounds all these years.

ABC has confirmed that Diane Sawyer will be interviewing Knox, with the Daily Mail reporting that it will air on April 30.

As it happens, this is the same day that her book, “Waiting to Be Heard,” comes out in stores, so it’s not like she’s really looking to clear her name but rather to promote her tell-all.

The same media outlet reports that Knox was paid an estimated $4 million (€2.98 million) by publisher HarperCollins to write it.

No word yet on whether ABC is paying Knox as well and, if it is, how much.

In 2007, British student Meredith Kercher was killed in Italy, with Knox and boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito charged with the murder – and later found guilty and convicted.

In October 2011, Knox had the conviction overturned and became a free woman.

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