Amanda Bynes Shaves Her Head – Photos

Star shows off new, edgy cut on Twitter, says this is the “new me”

Amanda Bynes is continuing the transformation she started when she moved from Los Angeles to New York, and she’s making sure all her fans are up to speed with everything thanks to her Twitter.

Included in this article are two brand new photos Amanda posted on her Twitter feed, showing off her buzz cut.

It’s the kind of ‘do other stars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Casie have also been sporting lately, and which is already a hit with young women everywhere.

“I buzzed half my head like @cassie! No more old photos! This is the new me! I love it!” the 27-year-old actress writes in a post accompanying one pic.

Indeed, just like Cassie, Amanda has both sides of her head shaved, while rocking long hair.

Considering that it’s not long ago that the actress was saying she’d gotten her natural hair completely fried at the hair salon, which is why she needed hair extensions, it makes sense for her to shave it off, if only partially.

She’s probably thinking of growing it out healthy, as well.

Also on Twitter, Amanda is taking the time to shoot down reports that she’s so mentally disturbed that she thinks the smoke alarms in her apartment are bugged, as one of the US weeklies wrote only a few days back.

“I don't know why u feel the need to make up stories about me,” she writes, addressing the weekly directly.

“I don't talk to light fixtures. Contact me to ask what I'm up to, instead of stalking people who always make up crazy stories about me! Tweet me your contact email,” she says.

“I'll email you then always email me to fact check when someone calls in a fake story about me, they're all fake! I don't want to be in your magazine in a negative way! I do nothing wrong! Thanks!” Amanda adds.

How do you like Amanda’s new haircut?


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