Amanda Bynes Moves Out of NYC Apartment to Avoid Eviction

Star decides to pack up and leave after breaking the rules at current rental

Amanda Bynes moved to New York to avoid media attention and, as per her own words, to launch a career as a fashion designer but, so far, she’s had little luck on that first thing. Just as unlucky she’s been with finding a suitable apartment for herself.

As fans must recall, Bynes ditched LA after a series of run-ins with the law and even more troubling reports that her life was spiraling out of control.

She rented a NYC apartment but TMZ is now reporting that she was forced to pack out and leave it the other day, because she refused to obey the rules.

Admittedly, her landlord eventually got tired of having to remind them to her on a constant basis.

“Sources at the apartment tell us Bynes got a letter from building management earlier this month explaining that her lease would be terminated... because she's a building nuisance,” the celebrity publication writes.

“We're told management made the decision after getting several complaints of marijuana smoke coming from her apartment – ‘morning, noon and night.’ Sources say she was also seen smoking weed in the hallways,” adds TMZ.

As it happens, the entire building is a non-smoking one, so it’s easily understandable why the landlord couldn’t condone Amanda’s alleged love of pot.

“Sources say Amanda wasn't going to wait around and challenge management's decision – and instead decided to simply find somewhere else to live,” TMZ also says.

No word yet on where Amanda plans to move next or whether she’s thinking of going back to LA.

In December last year, Bynes settled two hit and run cases she’d been involved in back home in Los Angeles, thus getting the chance to start life in NYC with a clean slate, as we also reported at the time.

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