Amanda Bynes’ “Drug Den” Exposed in Photos: A Life Destroyed by Fame

Mag sends reporters to party with Amanda, runs photos from inside her home

For months, there’s been lots of speculation about Amanda Bynes’ alleged drug abuse and, now, InTouch Magazine has photos to prove that all those rumors were true. The mag sent two reporters to party with Amanda and then published the photos they snapped inside her home.

Jezebel has more details about the story that will be featured on this Friday’s issue of the magazine, but Radar Online too has spoken to the two men who partied with the now-retired actress.

Admittedly, at least one of them hooked up with her. There was also a lot of weed smoking, cocaine sniffing done – and plenty of odd behavior on Amanda’s part.

“She probably gets so high that sometimes she won’t even leave her house. Weed was everywhere. On the bed, all over the floor,” one of the reporters tells Radar.

Photos show Amanda smoking what looks like a blunt on the bed, with her sunglasses on, as she smiles seductively at the camera. In a corner of the room, a “suspicious-looking” bag lies next to her shoes.

“One minute she’s cool and down-to-earth. The next, she’s totally different – indecisive, and she can’t hold a conversation. Mentally, she’s all over the place,” InTouch’s reporter says.

He also claims that her feet are “bloodied and bruised,” that she does cocaine, that her windows are spray-painted black and that she lives only on takeaway food.

Since the preview issue of the mag came out, Amanda has already denied all allegations on Twitter. She claims she’s being set up by the “ugly” editors at InTouch and that she plans to sue them for it.

“That's not my bed! Those aren't my toes! My toes are pedicured! I just did an exclusive interview with intouch last week, now they bought fake altered photos by that ugly black man in the photo or someone who knows him! They used an old shot of me on the cover with a bad angle of my old nose before I had surgery to reshape my profile and to remove the webbing from my eyes,” Bynes says on Twitter.

“I have to sue because that's not my apartment, those aren't my clothes! They morphed photos of my face onto someone's body to ruin my life! I have to make a big deal of this and sue because that's not me! I care about my appearance so I have to defend myself! I look like a different person now that I had surgery! Why did they put an old shot of me on the cover? I don't look like that anymore!” she adds.

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