Amanda Bynes Calls Jay-Z “Ugly Face” on Twitter

Star goes after the rapper without cause, deletes tweets immediately afterwards

Amanda Bynes recently said that she was tired of getting media attention that she never asked for but, ironically enough, she’s still on Twitter – and making headlines for it, nonetheless. Just the other day, she called Jay-Z “ugly.”

After a series of run-ins with the law and countless reports that she was drinking heavily – and perhaps doing drugs as well – Amanda moved to NYC to focus on her career as a fashion designer.

When she’s not in the tabs for speculation on her personal life, she’s on Twitter, posting “selfies” and talking about more or less sweet nothings.

The other day, she posted a photo of Jay-Z, with a caption that’s getting a lot of people talking right now.

She’s deleted both photo and tweet ever since, but not before screenshots of it were made and circulated online.

Check out the image attached to this article to see it.

“Ugly face @S_C,” Amanda wrote.

No word yet on what caused her to lash out at the rapper like this.

Some time ago, Amanda had tweeted that she’d discovered she preferred “chocolate over vanilla” where men were concerned, but, by the looks of her now-deleted tweet, clearly Jay was not on her hottie list.

Also recently, Bynes made headlines again as reports emerged that she’d decided to move out of her NYC apartment because the landlord had threatened to have her evicted.

The problem was, as we also reported at the time, that the actress and her friends were extremely partial to pot, which they smoked on a regular basis.

However, the building was a non-smoking one, hence the basis for eviction.

Back to the offensive comment about Jay, neither the rapper nor Bynes have said anything more on the topic. Knowing Jay, he’ll probably not even bother to acknowledge the “incident” publicly.

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