Alpha Centauri’s Spiritual Successor, Pandora: First Contact, to Arrive on Linux

The new turn-based strategy is developed by Slitherine

Pandora: First Contact, a science fiction turn-based strategy game developed by Slitherine that is reminiscent of Alpha Centauri, will arrive on Linux.

Alpha Centauri is a very old game developed by Sid Meier and Firaxis Games, and released back in 1999. It's a 4X game (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate) that really set a new standard in the turn-based strategy genre.

Although the developer of Pandora: First Contact, Slitherine, isn't admitting it, this new game really looks and feels like the spiritual successor of Alpha Centauri.

In Pandora: First Contact, the human race has discovered a new Earth-like planet that is quite capable of supporting life and which has been dubbed Pandora.

“In the rush, various factions have risen up in a battle to gain supremacy over this new world. As they strive to take control, each faction will research and develop numerous new technologies, discovering new weapons and industry, whilst opening trade agreements and forging alliances with other factions to gain a foothold,” reads the official announcement.

As you can imagine, the players will have access to a huge technology tree and they will be able to discover new technologies, improve the colonies, and develop their cities.

Here are some features of the new Pandora: First Contact:

• Players will have to survive encounters with the planet's dangerous wildlife, agile predators, deadly insects, or huge creatures in the oceans;

• Ruins and aliens artefacts are scattered all over the surface of the planet. Discovering them in due time will offer important bonuses;

• Negotiate trade or research pacts with other factions for mutual benefits;

• Manage cities by selecting what structures they build or units they recruit;

• Command armies against other colonies and try to use the terrain to your advantage.

The expected release date is June 15, 2013. If you are interested in this project, you should check the official website.

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