Almost Everyone Finds the Desktop in the First Day with Windows 8, Says Microsoft

Windows 8 adoption goes as planned, Tami Reller explains

Windows 8 was officially released on October 2012 and, even though some unofficial reports point to a rather disappointing sales performance, Microsoft claims that everything is going as planned.

Tami Reller, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer and chief financial officer, said in a Q&A session that people were finally getting used to Windows 8, so the operating system is very likely to boost its market share in the upcoming months.

In addition, Reller has also revealed some very interesting stats regarding the way users interact with the new Windows 8.

Fifty percent of those who make the move to Windows 8 need approximately 5 minutes to discover the new operating system, while almost all users manage to launch an app from the Start Screen during their first day with the software. Almost half of the users launch the Windows Store, while everyone finds the charms and the desktop.

“After two weeks, the average person doubles the number of tiles on Start. Live tiles engage people with content – by early January we had already delivered over 45 billion unique live tile updates. People find the new features in the context of what they are trying to do, and incorporate them into their everyday use after finding them,” Tami Reller added.

“It is great to see people quickly find their way around Windows 8, exploring it, making it their own, across what they used to do and all of the new features.”

Reller, on the other hand, refused to provide any update on Windows 8 sales figures, suggesting that they were in line with those recorded by Windows 7 after launch.

The company initially revealed that it had managed to sell 60 million copies in two months, but third-party reports and analysts in the United States continue to point to a rather disappointing sales performance of the new operating system.

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