Almost $70 Billion Revenue for Microsoft in FY2011

Microsoft’s revenue jumped 12% in fiscal year 2011 compared to the previous year to almost $70 billion.

The Redmond company’s latest fiscal year ended on June 30, 2011, and the software giant reported record revenue for both the last quarter and the past 12 months.

$69.94 billion in revenue for FY 2011 means operating income of $27.16 billion, $23.15 billion net income, and $2.69 diluted earnings per share.

“Throughout fiscal 2011, we delivered to market a strong lineup of products and services which translated into double-digit revenue growth, and operating margin expansion,” revealed Peter Klein, chief financial officer at Microsoft. “Our platform and cloud investments position us for long-term growth.”

Even though strong Windows 7 sales kept their momentum, Windows and Windows Live Division revenue dropped by 2% for the year.

But were it not for the prior year Windows 7 launch and revenue deferral, the division’s revenue would have in fact grown by 2% to 4%. The Redmond company confirmed that it has sold over 400 million licenses of Windows 7 to date.

With 100 million copies of Office 2010 also sold, Microsoft Business Division revenue went up to no less than $5.7 billion, 16% more than in FY2010, and a growth of 7% over Q4 2010.

The revenue of the Microsoft Business Division surpassed that of the Windows and Windows Live Division, with the Server and Tools business coming in third place.

Server and Tools continues its strong double-digit growth, with revenue increasing to no less than $4,6 billion.  The Entertainment & Devices Division revenue also jumped considerably in FY2011 compared to FY2010 to $1.48 billion, up from $1.14 billion the previous year. Microsoft credited the sales of Kinect and Xbox 360 consoles for the division’s success.

"A strong year of double-digit increases in revenue and earnings is a real credit to all of our Microsoft employees and partners around the world. We continue to see strong business demand across all of our products, from small businesses all the way up to the largest global enterprises,” commented Kevin Turner, chief operating officer at Microsoft.

"Our move to cloud services continues with the release and momentum of Office 365 and growth in Windows Azure. We’re providing our customers seamless and powerful ways to move to the cloud, and we are well positioned for the coming year.”

Microsoft also had a strong last quarter, with revenue increasing to no less than $17.37 billion, up 8% compared to Q4 2010. The software giant reported $6.17 billion operating income, $5.87 billion net income, and $0.69 diluted earnings per share.

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