Allison and Amelia Tucker: Conjoined Twins Separated at Eight Months

The toddlers underwent a seven-hour surgery, performed by a team of 40 surgeons

An optimistic and inspiring tale about medical miracles from Philadelphia, where two eight-month-old conjoined twins are now completely independent.

Allison and Amelia Tucker are recovering from extensive surgery, at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, but they will not spend their entire life bound to one another.

It took seven hours for 40 surgeons to separate the cute twins from Adams, N.Y. The toddlers were bound at the chest wall, diaphragm, pericardium and liver.

Huffington Post reports that the operation that was performed on Wednesday "went very well and as expected," according to lead surgeon Holly Hedrick, and the pair are on their way to making a full recovery.

Doctors are set to monitor the pair, but are convinced Allison and Amelia should live "full, healthy and independent lives."

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