Alligator Stuck in a Storm Drain Gets Help Getting Out

The animal was first spotted by a passerby who immediately informed local authorities

Not long ago, an alligator in Florida found itself in a wee bit of trouble. To cut a long story short, the animal somehow got stuck in a storm drain and failed to figure out a way to free itself.

Luckily for the alligator, a passerby noticed its struggles, and immediately informed local authorities.

In all fairness, it is pretty hard not to notice an alligator tossing and turning on the ground, but that is a whole other story.

Soon enough, both county deputies and officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission arrived at the scene, and the alligator was rescued, Huffington Post reports.

By the looks of it, the gator suffered no injuries (apart from a rather bruised ego, some might say).

Following his being rescued, the animal was taken to one of the alligator farms currently up and running in said state.

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