Allegedly Leaked Shots of Nokia Vertu Windows Phone 8 Emerge

The vendor reportedly plans upgrading all Lumias to Windows Phone 8

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has been long rumored to plan the release of Windows Phone 8 devices, yet no specific info on what these handsets will be all about has emerged so far.

Today, however, images with an alleged such mobile phone from Nokia made it to the web, showing us a bit more of what to expect from the company in the not too distant future.

Interestingly enough, the handset is said to be an early prototype of a Vertu handset from Nokia, which would make it a luxury phone.

Said images emerged over on Chinese Windows Phone forum, confirming that Windows Phone 8 was loaded on this handset.

Moreover, the Vertu-branded smartphone from Nokia appears to pack 64GB of internal memory, which would suggest that other handsets from the Finnish vendor could also receive it.

The Vertu industrial design can be seen on this device, along with some features that will most probably make it to all Windows Phone 8 smartphones, such as a Cloud Storage setting page, in addition to the already available Find My Phone page.

According to the person who provided these images, Nokia is set to upgrade existing Lumia handsets to the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform, but with some features missing from the package. No additional info was provided on the matter.

While the availability of Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Nokia would not take us by surprise, the fact that the company was also working on Vertu-branded devices powered by this OS would seem rather strange.

After all, the mobile phone maker has been long rumored to plan selling the luxury brand, and it has just announced that it had agreed to that.

Given the fact that no official announcement on any future devices was made so far, we’ll take the leaked info with a grain of salt for the time being.


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