Alleged iOS 7 Screens Show Minimalistic Lockscreen, Editable Settings Panel

Photos stem from a Twitter account seemingly created specifically for this leak

Three images are circulating on the web claiming to show the redesigned iOS 7 we’re all eagerly anticipating to roll out later today.

The images (dug up by look real enough to be passed as legitimate, but we’re not holding our collective breath for this leak to be confirmed. Here’s why.

If Apple does indeed pursue the design depicted in these photos (and that’s a big “if”) a lot of people might be disappointed. Simplifying is one thing, but ugly-fying an OS is a different matter altogether.

Let’s take the picture displayed above (it’s the same one as the first image to the left in the gallery below).

That lock-screen doesn’t look very convincing, does it? In fact, that doesn’t even remotely resemble something commissioned by Apple's iconic designer, Jonathan Ive.

Let’s not even mention the plain background and the unchanged clock strip in the upper side.

The image depicting a purportedly redesigned Settings panel seems more legitimate. Had the source posted this image only, this entire leak would have been a lot more convincing.

It shows some flatter icons and an Edit button in the top right-hand corner, suggesting Apple will allow us to customize our Settings menu.

But the final blow to this leak comes from its own source, a Twitter account named “appletipoff” (@appletipoff) whose sole mission is to discuss iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 (the latter hasn’t even been confirmed).

Just four tweets are available from this source at the time of this writing, all of which are about these alleged iOS 7 screens. The user behind the account puts as their site.

Needless to point out, it’s highly unlikely that this leak will materialize. Those lockscreen shots are very unconvincing and Apple will find itself in a world of hurt if this design turns out to be true.


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