All-in-One Liquid Coolers Released by Asetek

Asetek's products are easier to install than normal ones

Another set of cooling products has appeared, this one belonging to that category that does not need any sort of outside help to keep a central processing unit nice and chilly. Asetek is the manufacturer.

The name of the new CPU cooling product line is Gen4, since it is the fourth generation of all-in-one liquid coolers Asetek has made so far.

A redesigned cold plate has been paired with a new pump, for 20% less thermal resistance, better cold plate efficiency and higher coolant pressure, not to mention better distribution.

Essentially, the Gen4, along with the ChillControl software (which lets users monitor and tune the temperature and acoustics), lets enthusiasts play with CPU clocks safely.

Obviously, serious overclocking attempts could still overwhelm the Gen 4. There is a reason experts use liquid nitrogen or helium for cooling when trying to set a new record.

At any rate, so long as buyers don't try to do anything too radical (like, say, overclocking all eight cores of Vishera to 8.176 GHz), they will be just fine.

"Asetek Gen4 products combine the micro-channel cold plate technology from our Gen3 products with the center inlet, split-flow design of Asetek's WaterChill Antarctica architecture cold plates," said André Sloth Eriksen, founder and CEO of Asetek.

"The split-flow Antarctica architecture was state-of-the art when we introduced it back in 2004 and by combining it with newer micro-channel technology, we are pushing the theoretical performance limits of copper cold plate design."

Asetek's Gen4 products are do-it-yourself coolers with 140mm and 280mm radiators. The company will soon start accepting orders, but has neglected to mention what prices consumers should get ready for.

Processors from both Intel and Advanced Micro Devices should be supported, although different fittings and such may be required for each. Desktop cases should be reasonably large as well, otherwise the liquid coolers may not fit.


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