All-in-One HP Printer Is a Wi-Fi Hotspot As Well

This may change the definition of all-in-one printer altogether

There is no perfect definition for all-in-one products, but there is one particular type of all-in-one device that may evolve into something more soon enough: all-in-one printers.

The other name used to define a printer with integrated scanner and xerox capabilities is multifunction printer.

As one might guess, HP has loads of them up for sale, featuring inkjet or laser scribing technologies.

It so happens that HP has released a product that could redefine the idea of an all-in-one printer: HP Hotspot LaserJet Pro M1218nfs.

In addition to print, copy, scan and fax capabilities, it integrates a Wi-Fi hotspot, acting as a wireless gateway to the Internet.

Up to eight devices can be connected to it at any given time. That means PCs, phones, tablets, cameras, etc.

"At HP, we believe in constantly reinventing the printer and today's launch of HP Hotspot marks an important milestone in our innovation legacy," said Nitin Hiranandani, director, printing, PPS, HP India.

"The HP Hotspot is a new All-in-One+1 printer that completely redefines the role a multifunction printer can play in a SOHO or small business environment."

In addition to bringing the web to any connected device, the Wi-Fi support also provides the possibility to print any file from any wireless gadget.

No longer are data cables needed, since there is no point in copying files to PCs first anymore. The same goes for media card readers.

HP wants 18,306 rupees in exchange for the HP Hotspot LaserJet Pro M1218nfs. That's about $330, or 255 Euro according to exchange rates. More information is available here. Corporations that want to know the full specifications should drop by.

"We are confident that users will deeply appreciate the ability to print, scan, copy, fax and access Internet wirelessly, all through a single device that is incredibly easy to set up and use," Nitin Hiranandani stated.

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